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Third Wish

Third Wish (Treti Prani) - the Czech Edition

Third Wish - Archive Edition


What On Earth Have I Done?

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten 15th Anniversary Edition

Words I Wish I Wrote

True Love

From Beginning to End

Maybe (Maybe Not)


It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

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Third Wish is a epic novel which is above all - a love story - not in the usual sense, but the story of people who love life and go to great lengths to live it in a flourishing way. In fairy tales, the third wish is the last one left when the first wish was foolish, and the second wish was used to undo the first. Now the remaining wish must be used wisely and well - with the help of co-conspirators. Click here for more details

What On Earth Have I Done?

Fulghum's new book of essays begins with a question we've all asked ourselves: What On Earth Have I Done? As Fulghum finds out, the answer is never easy and, almost always surprising. For the last couple of years, Fulghum has been traveling the world - from Seattle to the Moab Desert to Crete - looking for fellow travelers interested in thinking along with him as he delights in the unexpected. Fulghum writes with a sometimes light heart about the deep and vexing mysteries of being alive and says, "This is my way of bringing the small boat of my life within speaking distance on yours." Hello...."  Published 2007, Paperback, 2008

"The 15th Anniversary Edition of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten revises and expands the original essays that became the phenomenal bestseller. With a new preface and twenty-five new stories, this edition once again reminds us that the most basic aspects of life bear its most important opportunities. In the years that have passed since the first publication, Fulghum has had time to ponder, to reevaluate, and to reconsider. Perhaps in today's chaotic, more challenging world, these essays will resonate even deeper - as readers discover how universal insights can be found in ordinary events." Published 2003

"In Words I Wish I Wrote, Fulghum reveals the works of writers who have inspired him. The quotations in this book reflect the most important ideas underlying his living and thinking. This is his evidence that, as he's gone about finding his way, he's had great company. Each thematic chapter begins with Fulghum's own insightful, introductory words, followed by inspiring passages drawn from a diverse group of sources, from Jerry Garcia to Albert Camus, Dylan Thomas to Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust to Beatrix Potter. At the end of each chapter, Fulghum comments on where he was introduced to their words and why he returns to them and how they may change you. This book was published as a benefit book with all of Fulghum's proceeds donated to Human Rights Watch." Published 1997
"In his third book, Uh-Oh, Fulghum shared some short and unconventional love stories from his own experience and casually suggested that if readers had their own tales to tell, he would love to hear them. True Love is the result of the incredible response he received. The stories, chosen by Fulghum to reflect the many faces of love, are amusing, sentimental and sometimes gritty. Fulghum’s proceeds from this book were donated to Habitat for Humanity, a love story in itself." Published 1997
"From Beginning to End - The Rituals of Our Lives was published as the result of hundreds of requests for Fulghum to share his insights and experiences in celebrating the rituals, habits and routines that bring structure and meaning to our daily lives. Filled with anecdotes, wit and wisdom, this book explores life events and passages, large and small, as sacred - enriching who we are both individually and collectively." Published 1995
"Maybe (Maybe Not), Fulghum’s fourth book, considers the secret life (that nonstop epic playing inside our heads, where all our best-laid dreams are hatched), barbershop mythology, the shifting significance of nicknames over the course of a lifetime, and the circumstances of one’s own conception, among other things. This is also the edition in which he shares his revelations afforded via ironing his shirts, his take on a rendition of musical chairs, and that some family secrets can be gifts of joy." Published 1993
"In Uh-Oh, Fulghum explores a variety of subjects from both sides of the refrigerator door—from meatloaf to the Salvation Army Band, from fireflies to funerals, from hiccups to a watch without hands. Once again, Fulghum weaves a theme of balance between the mundane and the holy, between humor and grief and between what is and what might be." Published 1991
"More humorous, insightful essays from a master story-teller, Fulghum’s second book It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It reached #2 on the bestseller list while Kindergarten was still #1. This was the first and only time in the list’s history that the same author had the #1 and #2 books at the same time. From burning beds to driver’s ed, from a disastrous wedding to the joy of tree climbing, from the rewards of grandparenthood to simple but surprising wisdom from the head of a Zen Buddhist monastery—Fulghum has a gift for finding meaning in life rather than the meaning of life." Published 1989

"The original edition of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten became an instant classic, dominating the New York Times Bestseller List for all of 1989 and much of 1990. This collection of essays was the second longest #1 bestseller in 23 years. The essays reflect the truth in everyday form—in the shoe repairman who leaves cookies in the shoes he can’t fix, in the homely Indian who becomes beautiful when he dances, in the small deaf boy who wants to rake Fulghum’s leaves. Fulghum writes with wit and wisdom about small lives with big meanings. As described in the San Francisco Chronicle, Fulghum’s stories about ordinary life 'remind us that within simplicity lies the sublime.'" Published 1988

" universal as air..."